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How to use Skype without downloading

Data: 26-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Skype, the free instant messenger, existed in two main forms: the desktop version and the mobile application. One user could start a chat while being at the laptop and continue it using the smartphone. Applications on different locations are synchronized, it is up to you to choose the gadget.

In 2015 the third Skype product came into existence, the Skype for Web that operates via browser. It offers similar to the desktop version functionality without downloading and installing a separate app.

It is convenient. For example, you might not be allowed to install other applications on the computer, or you have to work on a different machine with a different OS, or you need only a brief glance on a big screen. Previously, you had to wait until getting to your personal machine. Now you can use the browser to connect to your Skype account and get rid of all the troubles. Simply go to the official website and log in to your account. Then you’ll find your contacts and history, and you will be able to exchange instant messages and run video calls.

Using free Skype for Web version for a new account

If you already have an account, just open the web portal in the browser, click Sign in and choose the option to use it online.

As you can see, it is possible to operate Skype properly without installing the app on the machine, the way to use it is the same as with the other versions.

And if you want to try the browser version, here is the guide for you on how to use Skype on Web.

In case you don’t have a Skype ID, read about creating an account from scratch and register a new personal account.

Once you login with your credentials, you’ll see the working area. If it is blank now, then you most likely want to add contacts. Search for your friends and colleagues or add them directly if you already know their credentials.

Now you have your contact list and can use it in the browser version properly.

Start the chat. Double-click on any name and send an instant message. You can send files and images, add emoticons to your texts and make your conversation as full and pleasant as possible.

Or click Call to hear your counterpart or Camera to have a voice conversation with video.

You can also have a group chat. Click the + icon and configure the conversation: specify the participants, define if you allow other people to join it and click Confirm. To invite more people to your group, use the Share conversation option.

Then you can rename it and manage additional settings.

Note that video is available for personal one-to-one chats only.

To make a phone call from the browser, click the respective icon and enter the number. Note that this is a paid option, you will need to add money to your balance. This is available in the Manage account menu, just click on your name in the web interface to get there.

In fact, this product’s owners told that they had been urged to develop a full-functional browser version, because their users wanted to make calls and send messages directly from the website. The absence of the necessity to do additional actions like launching a separate app does matter!

Configure your online Skype account

Your Skype for Web is already configured with predefined settings. However, you can change them to adjust the area according to your tastes.

Click the cogwheel icon in the browser version, and here you have separate settings for notifications, instant messages, privacy and personalization.

And, of course, you can edit and configure your account with many additional options in the browser version. Click on your name in the web interface to get to the Manage account section as shown above.

Here you get a new working space to edit your profile and subscribe to paid services if you need them.

You can make your ID number to be shown when you make phone calls using this service online from the browser.

And get a Skype number for other people to call you as well.

In case you miss a call, forward it or leave a voice message to be addressed later from your account.

So, as you see, it won’t require any additional knowledge to understand how to use Skype online. You might even get used to it and forget about the desktop application to work with the browser version only.