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How to reset Skype password

Data: 25-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Skype is one of the safest messengers and the most reliable tool for communication online. All your data is securely protected with end-to-end encryption, as well as all the users should use a unique password to have access to their accounts.

You will not be able to sign up to your profile in case you lost your login or password. That is why it is highly recommended to remember or write it down somewhere to avoid missing your app personal details. However, what should you do in case you forgot your password? Is it possible to make a Skype password reset? In this article, you will find a handy guide on how to stop being anxious and make your password recovery in a just a couple of clicks.

How to reset and change your Skype password?

  1. In case you can’t successfully log in to your account, despite that you’ve tried dozens of different combinations, choose Forgot password button.

  2. Make sure you’ve added the correct login and choose Next.

  3. Verify your identity (check whether an email provided by the app is really yours).

  4. After that, you will receive a special code. Check your email, copy the code and paste it into the field. Click on Next button.

  5. You will need to provide a new secret code for your account. You will see a special notification about your account recovery. Press Next to continue.

  6. To log in to your account, enter the new secret code to the required field. Then click on Sign in button.

After all, you will get full access to all app functions and options, including calling and texting, as well as managing your account.

What should you do in case you forget Skype username?

  1. Open the main Microsoft web page for Skype users:
  2. Click on Forgot username and choose Next.

  3. Provide the details about your phone number or email you’ve used during registration and click on Next.

  4. Get your code in the SMS or email, depending on the recovery method you’ve chosen.

  5. Then type it into the required field and click the Next button.

  6. You will see some information about your Skype login details. Click Sign in to enter your account.

Note: unlike password, your username is a non-changeable parameter. So, if you would like to change it, you will need to create a new app account.

Generally, Skype password recovery as well as the program’s login recovery are quick and easy processes. No worries, if you forgot some data connected to the app account Skype security tools are always ready to help! Moreover, you can effortlessly change your secret code whenever you need.