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Skype No Sound Issues

Data: 22-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Skype remains to be the highest trusted service for online communication. The app has an exceptional safety level offered to all its users worldwide. Not only the program is safe and reliable, but it also has a really user-friendly and understandable interface. However, some users might still face certain problems while using the messenger. No sound issue is one of them. If you fail to hear your contact during your calls or have any other problems with audio, this article might be helpful.

Skype most common sound issues

Take a look through the list of problems that are most common while using the messenger on different devices. We will try to solve all of them right here below.

  • No sound during the call
  • Audio is too quiet
  • Can’t hear anything through the headphones
  • Audio breaking up
  • Audio output not working
  • Skype audio distorted.

No sound on Skype for mobile: what to do?

What should you do in case you can’t hear your Skype contact while using the messenger on your smartphone? No worries! As a rule, this problem can be solved in a matter of seconds.

  1. Make sure you are using a stable Internet connection. Note: in most cases, Wi-Fi connection is faster and more stable than your mobile network.
  2. Update your messenger. In case you haven’t updated the tool for a long time, it’s surely time to do it. For more detailed instructions, go to How to update Skype.
  3. Check whether your ringer is switched on (if your Skype does not ring) as well as volume is not mute.
  4. If you hear echo during the call, try to use headsets and a good microphone.
  5. Reload your smartphone. No matter what operating system is set up on your device, turn it off, wait for 30 seconds and then turn it on. This will reload all the settings on your cell phone and might help you solve tons of different issues with your messenger.

No sound on desktop Skype: tips and solutions

Audio issues on your PC might take you a little bit more time and efforts. However, every step in the guide below can be easily made by even beginner Windows and Linux users.

Step 1. Check your Skype settings. Open your app, click on the icon with your photo or picture. Then choose Settings – Audio & Video.

Make sure your speakers and microphone are properly set. Here you can also perform a test call to check whether your equipment is working well. Just click on Make a free test call button to initiate the call and follow the automatic instructions.

Step 2. Check whether you have been using the correct ports for plugging your speakers and microphone.This is a common mistake for dozens of users.

Step 3. Check the volume settings on your machine. For Windows-operated PCs and laptops, click on the headphone sign and make sure your sound is not muted.

Step 4. Double-check whether you’ve switched on your microphone. Click Window and I buttons on your keyboard simultaneously and choose Privacy.

Scroll down the list and choose Microphone. It should be turned on for your machine. Furthermore, allow the programs installed on your PC or laptop to access your microphone.

Follow the same steps when it comes to checking your camera settings (in this case, choose Camera after clicking on Privacy).

Step 5. Check whether Audio service is currently running on your machine. Press Windows and R keys on your keyboard simultaneously. Type services.msc in the needed field and click OK. You will see a window with different options — click on Windows Audio.

Check the following options: Startup type should be Automatic, and the Service status should be Running.

Step 6. Try to use Microsoft sound drivers. Press Windows and R buttons simultaneously and click on Device manager.

Go to Sound, video and game controllers and right-click on your audio device. Choose Uninstall device. Skip the warning and press Uninstall. Then restart your PC.

After you deleted the driver and relaunched your machine, your driver will be automatically reinstalled.

Hope any of these solutions will help you successfully troubleshoot all your Skype sound issues. Note: all the methods mentioned above can’t harm your device since they are absolutely safe and easy-to-do.