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Skype microphone not working

Data: 22-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Skype is a well-known messenger that allows its users to make calls with no additional charges. The tool is really flexible and convenient, offering excellent service and outstanding quality of both sound and video to all its users globally. However, some people face a common issue of microphone not working. What should you do in case you fail to perform calls using your PC or smartphone due to no sound? Below you will get a detailed manual on how to fix most problems regarding your audio.

Basic fixes for solving problems with the sound on your device

  1. Make sure your headphones are plugged into the right socket. If you are using the mobile phone, try to switch off and then switch on your headset.
  2. Check the volume. In some cases, you might have too low volume in your device or headset.
  3. Visit Skype heartbeat to make sure there are no problems on the developer’s side. Go to for the more detailed information regarding the app’s servers.
  4. Perform a test call. Use the Echo Test to make a test call to the automated service. To know more about it, navigate to How to make Skype test call
  5. Restart your device. Just follow this simple tip: in most cases it helps to solve tons of problems.

In case you still fail to call using the utility, learn how to perform an advanced fix for different devices.

Skype audio fails on Windows

  1. Check whether your microphone is on.
    • Press Windows + I combination on your keypad and choose Privacy tab.

    • Check whether Allow apps to access your microphone toggle is switched on.

  2. Adjust audio settings in your messenger.
    • Open your application and choose Settings in the upper-right panel.

    • Click on Audio and Video. Turn off the toggle near Automatically adjust microphone settings.

    • Restart your messenger.
  3. Restart Audio service of your operating system.
    • Press on Windows key + R on your keyboard. Type services.msc. in the required field.

    • Right-click on Windows Audio and choose Restart.

    • Open your messenger and check whether your problem is solved.

Messenger audio fails to work on iPhone

Skype mobile microphone not working on your iPhone? Follow this easy guide to fix the issue!

  1. Restart your device and check whether it helps.
  2. Check permissions. Go to Settings – Skype and make sure the Microphone is switched on.

  3. Check privacy settings. Go to Settings – Privacy – Microphone and switch next to Skype to the ON position.

  4. Reinstall the app. Delete the utility from your device. Download and install it on your device once again.

Microphone fails to work on Android

  1. Go to Settings – Apps – Skype – Permissions. Make sure the Microphone switch is turned.

Hereby, most issues and errors with audio settings can be solved without professional help. Just follow all the steps of the troubleshooting guide above and enjoy using the messenger without any problems!