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How to uninstall Skype

Data: 20-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Skype is an ultra-handy, easily configurable messenger with user-friendly interface and clear usability. The tool is perfectly compatible with all up-to-date operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android) and devices (PC, Mac (MacBook), iPhone (iPad), other mobile phones and tablets). In this article, we will describe how to uninstall the program from any of your gadgets in the flawless, seamless and fluent way. If you often reinstall software on your device, this chapter won’t reveal anything unusual to you.

Preconditions before deleting Skype

Before we get to the main things, we should make some preparations:

  • close the messenger app
  • In Windows you can do it by making a right click on the messenger icon in the taskbar and selecting the Quit Skype icon. After the application is closed, it won’t be visible on the taskbar anymore.

Moreover, it also won’t be available in the task manager (you can check it out by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del hotkey combination on the keyboard and selecting the Task Manager option from the displayed list of options).

As you may have noticed, there are no active Skype processes, so we can be assured that the messenger is offloaded from RAM.

  • In macOS, you can close the application by making a right click on the dockbar. If the messenger icon is not visible there, then the service is not running, and you can start with the removing routine.

  • In Linux Ubuntu, the active apps are displayed on the taskbar above. If you see the messenger icon among the rest, make a right click on it and select the Quit Skype option. If there is no such icon, then the program is not running at the moment.

  • On Android or iOS, you don’t need to close the app manually before uninstalling the mobile version of the application. Just proceed with the main phase.

It should also be noted that you don’t need to sign out from your account before closing the tool. When the program is closed, you will automatically be signed out.

How to remove Skype from PC (Windows)?

The uninstalling process is a bit different in various Windows versions: 10, 8/8.1, 7, Vista and XP. We will summarize all the processes in the corresponding chapters.

How to delete Skype on Windows 10 and 8/8.1?

The solutions 1 and 2 are related to the Programs and features window.

Solution 1:

  • Press Windows key + S hotkey combination on the keyboard. After that combination, type “skype” (without inverted commas). As a conclusion, the messenger icon will be displayed among the other search results.

  • Right-click on the messenger icon and select the Uninstall item from the menu revealed.

  • When the option is picked, the Programs and features window will appear on the screen. Just find the needed program and make a double click on it.

After that, the uninstallation wizard will start, in which you only need to confirm your decision.

Note: in order to call the Programs and features window on the screen, you can use alternative methods:

  • Use Windows + R shortcut on the keyboard or right-click on the Start button. After that, select the Run option from the list of suggestions.

  • In the Run window, type “cpl” without inverted commas.

Then, proceed with the instruction described above.

Solution 2:

  • If the Skype icon is pinned to your Start menu, there is a simpler way to uninstall the app. Just find the messenger in the Start menu, right-click on it and confirm the action in the Programs and features window to run the removal procedure.

Those who are working with Windows 8.1 build can find the app icon in the All Apps screen. The rest is absolutely the same.

Note: there is a very simple alternate method to call the Programs and features window.

  • press Windows + X shortcut on the keyboard or make a right click on the Start button;
  • select the Programs and features item from the list;

  • after that, proceed with the steps described in solution 1, i.e. locate Skype icon, make a double click on it and follow the uninstallation wizard instructions.

Solution 3:

Another method is based on the Settings.

  • Press the Windows + I hotkey combination. After that, the Settings app will run. Select the System item from the suggested choices.

Note: the layout of the window may differ a bit in various Windows versions, so take it into account.

  • In the System category, select the Apps and features option from the menu. After the selection, the list of currently installed apps will be shown.

  • Find the messenger icon from the list and click on it. Pick the Uninstall item from the drop-down list.

  • Confirm the action on the pop-up miniform.


Solution 4:

Next method is based on Control Panel, which should be more familiar to Windows 7, Vista and XP users. However, these methods have been successfully transferred to 8 and 10 branches with some minor differences.

  • Press Windows + S hotkey combination and type “control panel” in the search field. When the form is found, click on it in the results list.

Note: you can do the same by mouse only. Instead of keyboard shortcut, make a right click on the Start button and select Control Panel from the menu.

  • In the Control Panel revealed, choose the Uninstall a program option from the Programs section.

  • Now proceed with the instructions described in solution 1: just find the Skype icon from the apps list, double-click on it and confirm your decision once more to run the uninstallation wizard.

How to delete Skype on Windows 7, Vista and XP?

In earlier Windows branches, there is basically only one way to remove a program from the computer: via Control Panel. Here is what you should do in this case:

  • Press the Windows button on the keyboard or click on Start menu to call the required menu on the screen.
  • When the menu appears, click Control Panel item.

  • When you access Control Panel, select the Uninstall a program item in the Programs section.

  • Now, in the Programs and features window, find the Skype icon and double-click on it. After confirmation, follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the removal procedure.

How to uninstall Skype on Mac/MacBook (macOS)?

The basic principle of uninstalling Skype app on macOS platform is absolutely intuitive and easy:

  • Go to the Applications folder. You can find it after clicking on the hard disk icon.

  • Drag the messenger icon to the Trash.

  • Empty the Trash.

This steps are perfect for Skype, but it is better not to apply it for any apps within macOS environment. While being installed, some software products copy the files into different locations, and after you drag the main program files to Trash, the orphan files can be left on the hard disk. So you should check for a special uninstaller in the setup package designed for each particular program. If there is none, you can use the suite for removal purposes, such as AppCleaner or AppTrap. But as for Skype, the removal principle is a piece of cake, and you don’t need any of these tricks.

How to uninstall Skype on Linux (Ubuntu)?

In Linux Ubuntu, Skype can be removed removed in 2 ways:

  • via Software Center graphical UI
  • via command line utility Terminal.

Below we’ll describe both of the solutions so that you can find the best way for your service.

How to uninstall Skype via Ubuntu Software Center?

Ubuntu Software Center is a universal graphical tool for management of all your software installations in Ubuntu.

In order to uninstall Skype with it:

  • run Ubuntu Software Center by clicking on the suitcase icon on Unity launcher.

  • When the center is opened, click the Installed item on the toolbar in the upper part of the form.

  • Scroll down to the apps list and find the Skype icon in the list section.
  • Let’s start the removal process by clicking the Remove button in the window.


Note: if you want to get the detailed info regarding the application to be uninstalled, click on the corresponding line with app from the list. You can also remove Skype from the newly displayed window.

How to uninstall Skype via Terminal?

Terminal is a console utility that serves to manage and configure your Ubuntu instance in a variety of ways. Here is how it works with Skype removal:

  • Open Terminal window via Ctrl + Alt + T shortcut combination.

  • type the command in Terminal specified here: sudo apt-get --purge remove skype and press Enter.

Let’s figure out what this particular command is designated for:

“apt-get” command is a general command for manipulating and managing installed software tools, while “purge” parameter removes all of the configuration files belonging to Skype messenger, and “sudo” command lets you perform the whole command with administrative privileges.

  • When the command is given, your active user password may be requested. Type it in in the corresponding command line field.

  • Now the uninstallation routine is initiated. Wait a bit until all the files are dropped, and you can see a confirmation message about the completion.

Note: this instruction is not the optimal way to remove any apps in Ubuntu. Sometimes you may need additional parameters given to “apt-get” command, which also delete all the dependencies from the package uninstalled.

You can also provide the same command in a bit simpler way: sudo apt-get remove skype. In such case, you don’t delete the configuration files, and they will be used during next messenger installation or its replacement with newer version.

Note: if you have not installed Skype by downloading and compiling its source code, you can see a text message that the package suggested to be removed is not found. If you see the same, then the last method described doesn’t fit your conditions.

How to delete Skype on iPhone/iPad (iOS)?

iPhone and iPad owners refer to the same methods of deleting software from their gadgets. There are 2 methods of deleting an app: via gestures and via Settings menu. Here is step-by-step description of each of them.

How to delete Skype via jiggling gestures?

Apple has designed an absolutely intuitive, top-notch feature for removing the apps via jiggling gestures. If you want to drop the particular application, here is what you are suggested to do:

  • Just move the finger to the app icon (in our case, Skype), tap on it and keep it pressed for couple of seconds.

  • After the specified time interval, all the program icons will start to jiggle, and you can easily delete any of them by simply clicking on the cross at the top-left corner of the needed icon.

Now everything’s ready!

How to delete Skype via Settings menu?

If you can’t get used to all these tricky hints, here’s more accustomed solution which would also definitely satisfy the most fastidious community part:

  • Go to Settings menu – General section – iPhone/iPad Storage item.

  • Now, from the revealed list of all your mobile applications installed, find the Skype icon and tap it.

  • When this is done, tap the Delete App option. After this iteration, your Skype messenger will be entirely removed from the mobile device.

How to delete Skype on Android mobile phone or tablet?

Deleting the messenger from Android device is absolutely plain and simple, indeed. Here are the steps:

  • Go to Settings menu. Usually it is accessible from the apps list called by the Menu button on the device.

  • In the menu, go to Apps & notifications section and then App info in the next window.

  • From the mobile app list revealed, find the messenger icon and tap it.

  • Tap Uninstall to initiate the removal process.
  • Confirm your action by pressing OK and voilà, you got rid of Skype.

Hopefully, these instructions enriched your user experience and made your interaction with mobile or desktop gadgets more live and vivid. Currently, the messenger is developed so fluently that new builds are released several times a month. So check for the updates to keep in touch with enhancements of the project!