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Skype group call

Data: 20-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

If you need to arrange a group conversation or a call, Skype is an absolutely suitable program for accomplishing that kind of task. The Skype conference calls are incredibly reliable, cozy and easy-to-operate. So as soon as 3-way call is initiated, everything that you need to care about is your speech. All the rest of technical aspects are entirely fulfilled by the app itself. And we can assure that you won’t even notice this process at all. Regardless of the quantity of video or voice chat participants, there are no lags apparent to anybody involved. Thus, no matter how many people are added to the call, you will have a unique user experience by connecting three or more people to the chat at once.

How to make a group call in Skype on PC (Windows, macOS)?

It is absolutely simple to make a three-way conference call on Windows and Macs. Here is a detailed guide on how to realize it:

  • Open the Skype messenger app and log in to your account. If you don’t have an active messenger account, create a new one by referring to the “How to create Skype account” FAQ chapter.
  • Go to Calls tab and click on + Call button to initiate a new call.

  • On the appeared form, select all the contacts which you would like to participate in the conference call. After each of the users is selected, they are added to the upper section of the window.

  • After all the conversation members are picked, click on Call button, and the call is started.

Note: by default, all group calls are generated as audio calls, but you can transform them into video group conversation by clicking the corresponding button.

How to arrange a group call in Skype on mobile (iOS, Android)?

On mobile environments, the principle of starting new group call differs a bit from the desktop platforms.

iOS operating system

Here is a detailed guide for iPhone and iPad, which precisely conforms the procedure:

  • Run Skype app and log in to your user account.
  • Go to Calls tab and click on Skype call button to generate a new call.

  • When the button is pressed, pick the active participants of the group call which you would like to add to the conversation. Similarly to PC, all the interlocutors are added to the header of the form.

  • In order to start a call, click on Call button.

Once the conference call is started, you can turn on video by pressing the corresponding button.

Android platform

Android guide is absolutely the same, so we provide only the screenshots with short comments to fulfill the overall representation:

  • Go to Calls tab and click the New call button.

  • Pick the conference call members and start the three-way call.

How to initiate a three-way call in Skype on Linux?

The basic principle of making a group call in Skype for Linux is absolutely the same as for Windows or macOS platforms. Below we will provide only the brief instructions of the procedure with screenshots attached:

  • go to Calls tab and click on + Call icon to start a conference call.

  • Pick the participants of the conversation from the contacts list and select the Call button.

As usually, in order to turn the video broadcast feature, click on the corresponding icon below during the call.

Arranging Skype group video or audio call is absolutely easy and logical. On any types of OS, either mobile or desktop, you don’t need to make anything extraordinary and special. Just follow the provided steps and nothing else — everything works right out-of-the-box.