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How to make a Skype call

Data: 14-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Skype lets its users either initiate interactive text chats with emojis, ASCII-smileys and graphics, or to start an audio or video conversation via voice call. In each of these two cases you receive a free and steady app to make a dialogue with your closest ones: relatives, team partners, business colleagues or friends. The messaging app grants a solid and reliable approach to connect to your collocutor online via Ethernet-connection (for PC owners), WiFi or mobile 4G/3G/EDGE traffic (for smartphone or tablet holders). While people are arranging a talk for the first time, it’s not always easy to set all of the options or configuration settings before getting the app to work. Definitely, you should be aware where and how to place the essential ticks in order to activate the relevant feature, make the appropriate setup before someone accepts an incoming call from you, etc. Hereby, we prepared the following instruction to assist you with the preparational part and described all the new features to use and apply within the messenger.

We will provide a detailed instruction on how to arrange a Skype call on any desktop or mobile devices, operating systems and platforms. Regarding the rest, we offer the “How to use Skype on PC (Windows)”, “How to use Skype on iPhone/iPad” and “How to use Skype on Android” FAQ guides with all the essential features described in detail.

How to make a Skype call on PC (Windows)

If you want to call a Skype contact, such a call won’t be rated at all. The only exception is calling a mobile phone without messenger installed and landline numbers — this kind of talk requires credit or subscription. You can find more info about the fee rates and international tariffs in “How to call phone numbers on Skype” article.

On Windows PC, making a call is easy:

  • Run the messenger on desktop computer or laptop and log in to your account. If you don’t own one, you can create a new account from scratch with the help of “How to create Skype account” FAQ guide.
  • Go to Contacts tab and find the person you want to call.

Note: you can do the same right from the Chats tab.

  • When the interlocutor is selected from the list, click the Audio or Video button at the top-right corner of the app window. If you want to make a group or a conference call, just add another participant by clicking the Create new group icon. You can find more data regarding that matter in “How to make a group call in Skype” chapter.

  • When the call is completed, and you want to hang up, just click the End call icon.

How to make a Skype call on macOS?

Initiating a Skype call on Mac is as easy as on Windows operating system. Here’s what you should do:

  • Select the needed contact from the list and click on Video or Audio button to make the call.

  • If you want to hang up, use the End call icon.

How to make a Skype call on mobile (Android)

On Android mobile phone or tablet, you can do the same steps to make a call on Skype as on desktop operating systems. Here is a detailed description:

  • Run the mobile application version and log in to your account.
  • Go to Calls tab and select the user you want to call from the contact list.

  • Use the Video or Audio call icon next to the associated user.

  • When the call is accomplished, and you want to hang up, just use the corresponding icon from the calling window.

Note: you can instantly switch to video chat any moment by simply pressing the Video button right in the calling window.

How to make a Skype call on iPhone/iPad?

On iPhones and iPads, Skype works absolutely smoothly and fluently, without notable lags and freezes. Making a video or audio call is quite easy. You are suggested to perform the same actions as on app builds for other desktop or mobile platforms:

  • Pick the needed person from the contact list to call.
  • Click on the Audio icon to initiate a voice conversation or Video to start a video chat.

  • If you want to end the conversation, just use the Hang up button.

Receiving an incoming call: when you notice that someone is calling you, answer them by moving the corresponding slider to the right in the calling window. The conversation will start immediately.

As you can see, the procedure is quite logical and transparent, indeed. You don’t need to perform any excessive manual manipulations to make a call. Moreover, on all type of platforms, the principle is absolutely the same. The only thing that differs is the interface, but it conforms to all the requirements for a proper operating system and OS design, so there is nothing to be surprised of. The principles of making either Skype audio or video call are also all the same, so just follow our guidelines, and your interaction with the messenger will be pleasant and positive.