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How to update Skype

Data: 07-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Skype is surely one of the safest and reliable services for communication. The app provides stable and easy-to-use functions through the handy interface with everything available at hand. However, to keep it fresh and easy to use, you will need to update Skype regularly. Below you will find a detailed manual on how to keep your program updated and get its latest version with minimum efforts.

Why do you need to upgrade your messenger?

  1. Improve your safety. Every day thousands of viruses and malware appear on the Internet. The developers are working hard to protect the application and the private information of its users from trojans and viruses. That is why the messenger regularly needs to be refreshed to meet all the online safety standards.
  2. All modern operating systems are regularly upgraded, setting up higher requirements for the programs to get successfully installed. Therefore, most apps should be refreshed, too.
  3. Get all the newest features. The messenger is constantly improving, offering new tools and functions for its users. You will need to use the latest software and upgrade Skype so that you don’t miss new great features.
  4. Get support from the developers in case of any issues. But remember that Microsoft supports only the latest app’s versions.

How to update the messenger on PC (Windows)

How to update Skype on PC or laptop? That’s easy as a piece of cake! You will need just a few moments to check whether your tool is upgraded to the latest version and refresh it if needed.

  1. Open your app and click on the main icon of your account.

  2. Scroll down the list in the opened window and click on Help & Feedback.

  3. Check whether your utility needs to be upgraded.

That is how to update Skype on Windows. The overall process will require you just a few moments. Not to mention, updating your desktop app as well as its other versions is always free.

Quick and easy app upgrading on iPhone/iPad

Wondering how to update Skype on iPhone? There is nothing easier! Just follow this simple manual to get the most recent app version.

  1. Open the utility and choose your profile icon.

  2. Choose Help & Feedback.

  3. Make sure your app is upgraded to the latest option. In case your program requires refreshing, you will get a special notification.

You can also choose an alternative way to check for available upgrades for your iOS device. Open App Store and choose updates. In case the messenger is available in the list, click the Update button.

Want to update Skype on iPad? Just follow all the steps described above — the app’s interface is completely the same for iPhone and iPad.

Updating the messenger on Mac

How to update Skype on Mac? We’ve got great news! Your messenger can be updated automatically for your device. To set up the feature, open your app and click General. Tick Update Skype automatically and forget about any issues regarding refreshing your tool: you will get new Skype update for Mac on the fly!

Generally, the messenger is extremely flexible, when it comes to upgrading. You don’t need to download or install any program packages to refresh your program: everything is done automatically.