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Skype Status

Data: 07-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Skype stands out as the top-rated solution for communication via chats and calls. The program is widely used on almost all kinds of modern devices, including laptops, PCs, tablets and mobile phones. You can easily keep in touch with everyone you need, use the app both at home and your workplace, since many companies allow utilizing Skype for professional communication.

The app allows its users not only to perform audio, video and group calls, send messages and files but also offers an important feature of setting personal statuses. Here you will find detailed data on how to get Skype status and change it according to your preferences.

How to set up Skype status?

The status reflects your current condition and gives your contacts brief information about your availability. Changing your status is easy-peasy! Just choose the status icon next to your profile picture. You will see a drop-down list with a number of options. Click on the needed option, and your status will be set up immediately.

The number of available statuses depends on your Skype version. Thus, most users with classical, desktop and mobile versions will have a limited number of only three options.

  • Active: this option means you are currently online and are ready to receive messages and calls. This is a common setting set by default. Active status can be recognized with a green colored circle near your profile picture.
  • Don’t disturb: if you pick up this option, your contacts will see that you are currently online but don’t want to be disturbed. They still will be able to call and text you, but you will not receive any notifications. The indicator of this feature is a red circle located in your profile.
  • Invisible. You can remain online and use your messenger as usual, but your contacts will not see that you are currently online. This option is shown as a white circle that is outlined with green color.

Note: Invisible and offline modes have the same status colors with absolutely no difference.

Among the statuses which are also present in the program but can’t be chosen in your main profile are:

  • Contact request pending. The question mark sign near your contact name means you’ve added a certain person to your contact list, but your request is waiting to be accepted.

  • Away. The yellow sign appears when a certain contact is logged into the app but is currently away.

  • Blocked. The red cross out sign can be shown in case you’ve blocked a contact.

Skype statuses for business

Along with the basic number of statuses, Skype for Business offers a number of additional options:

  • In a call. This feature (presented in the form of a red circle) is set automatically, depending on your call activity.
  • In a meeting. In a meeting option is shown with the same red circle and is automatically set based on the data from your Outlook calendar.
  • Presenting. In case you are giving a presentation in a Skype for a business meeting, this status will be set by default. The stop sign icon is developed exactly for these feature.
  • Out of office. This feature is also set according to the data from your calendar and displayed to your colleagues with a purple icon near your profile photo.

Now you definitely know how to be online on Skype, use different statuses and set up the needed features according to your current activities.