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How to use Skype Translator

Data: 07-Mar-2019 Editor: AppsToTalk

Skype is an innovative messenger that offers its users the most modern and highly demanded functions and options. One of the recent app features is Skype Translator. The tool uses unique speech-to-speech translation methods that include statistical machine interpretation and speech recognition services. In other words, you can now communicate with people who speak other languages.

The program also supports on-screen text transcripts of the spoken phrases in their original language along with the translation. Furthermore, the utility is able to translate users’ instant messages into over 60 languages.

You don’t need to download or install any other services or utilities to start using the translator — all its features are already embedded in the application.

How to use Skype Translator for calling and chatting?

  1. Open the app, click on the needed contact and choose View profile.

  2. Click on Start Translator.

  3. The app will automatically open the new chat window where you will need to choose the language your contact will speak.

  4. After that, type your message in the text field and press the blue arrow as you usually do to chat with your contacts. Your message will be automatically translated by the program.

  5. Note: the translations are available only while you are communicating with a single person. If you add someone else to your chat, the app will automatically stop translating.

  6. To make a translated call, just click on the headphone icon (for voice calls) or video camera icon (for video calls) and start communicating with your contact.

Skype voice call translator is also available for communicating not only with online users of the app but also with those contacts who are using the landline or mobile numbers. However, this service will require adding some funds to your account. If you need to call to landline or mobile numbers using the tool, follow the steps described above.

How to turn Skype Translator off?

You can stop using the translator whenever you need.

  1. Click on the name of your translated conversation.

  2. Scroll down the opened menu and choose Remove button to the right of the Skype Translator.

  3. You will see a special notification that you’ve removed the translating bot from your conversation. Feel free to send texts and make calls and speak any language you choose without any prompts.

There is no other messenger that currently offers automatic translation services, except Skype. Being flexible and unique, the app brings innovative experience to all its users in different countries.